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Playful and Profound in Portugal

Nika is co-facilitating a retreat with Tamela Kemp in Portugal from Oct. 23-27, 2023. Click the button to view Tamela's website to learn more!

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Community Yoga  

Sundays 11:30 - 12:30

Upward Light Healing in Downtown Mesa, AZ 

Sunday yoga is serene yet stimulating. The warm-up is gradual, leading to a mindful flow with an emphasis on alignment and transitions. Poses are held for several breaths to allow for deeper meditative movement to improve balance, stability, and mind-body connection. This class will end with a longer cool-down and savasana, leaving you peacefully energized.

"I was introduced to yoga by Nika Gueci. I've been a loyal fan and student since then. Prior to this,  I knew very little about yoga, its teachings, and it's benefits. I thought it was an "easier form of exercise " but boy was I wrong. I was surprised by it's complexity and challenges. Nika not only taught me about yoga but "stretched" my body and mindset to levels I never expected. Nika, through her teaching, taught me about mindfulness and how to "quiet" my mind. She was the first yoga teacher to ever introduce me to meditation and how yoga would help me achieve it. I'm pleased to say I've been humbled by what my body and mind can do today and I owe it all to Nika. Thank you." 

- Iva Gerowski

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