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Meet Nika

Dr. Nika Gueci is an educator, consultant and thought leader who offers guidance on implementing wellness strategies to improve individual lives and organizational effectiveness. She has been recognized as a Top 50 Female Leader in Arizona for 2023.


Since 2017, Dr. Gueci has served as Executive Director at the Arizona State University Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience, where she advances community well-being and resilience through translational research, customized curriculum, leadership trainings and community workshops.

Dr. Gueci provides support to individuals and organizations seeking to further their understanding and use of mindfulness as a tool for self-reflection, growth and understanding.

In addition to speaking and teaching engagements, Dr. Gueci serves on the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Wellness A to Z committee and as co-chair of the Mental Well-Being Committee in the Arizona Health Improvement Plan.

A sought-after wellness expert, Dr. Gueci has been featured in local and national media for her expertise and research, as well as at national conferences.

Dr. Gueci holds a doctoral degree focused on leadership and innovation from Arizona State University, a master’s degree in communication from New Mexico State University and a bachelor’s degree in Russian from Columbia University in New York. She is a registered yoga teacher.

An ardent advocate for animal rights, Dr. Gueci fosters dogs, serves on the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association Wellness Task Force and volunteers with Moseley's Mutt Oasis. Read more about Dr. Gueci's work with animal rescue organizations and learn how you can make a difference by visiting

Dr. Nika Gueci CV

Dr. Nika Gueci

Academic Research

Dr. Nika Gueci's research explores the intricacies of the human experience and the ways in which our humanity both challenges and inspires us. Topics of study include addiction recovery, mindfulness, mind-body connection, life transformations and managing change.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool to foster resilience in the face of social and ecological challenges.

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Mindfulness, the practice of present moment experience, can be employed as a tool for grounding in difficult conversations and creating pathways for transformative change in communities.

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The task of tackling substance use and providing supportive structures is a massive undertaking within the larger environment of a national epidemic.

Nika Gueci created the first collegiate recovery program for students at Arizona State University, earning her the designation of "Outstanding Graduate"

In 2018, Nika Gueci earned the degree Doctor of Education in Leadership and Innovation from the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. She was named an "Outstanding Graduate" for her academic achievements, including the creation of the first collegiate recovery program for students.

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