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Animal Rescue

"Saving one dog will not change the world. But surely, for that dog, the world will change forever."

Dr. Nika Gueci is an animal welfare advocate who volunteers with shelters and animal rescue organizations. Since 2018, she has fostered dozens of dogs.

Nationwide, six million dogs and cats enter shelters every year, and one million are euthanized. There is no shortage of need for neglected, abused, or discarded animals.


Nika's first foster pup, Poochik, is a stray pit bull from a shelter in Casa Grande, Arizona. Poochik is her "foster fail" that she ended up adopting.

Fostering diverts animals from overcrowded shelters. Living in a household provides dogs an opportunity to learn behavioral skills, ultimately preparing them for adoption to a permanent home.

Poochik baby_edited.jpg


Muppet is a Pekingese/bichon mix who was surrendered by his first owner. Weighing in at 8 lbs, this sweet guy could hold his own with the big dogs. He loved eating ice cubes and curling up in soft blankets. Muppet was adopted by a family with three kids and is living his best life.

Professor Knuckles

Professor Knuckles was born on Valentine’s Day, 2020. He was rescued from a carnival operation along with his nine brothers and sisters. An odd mix of lab, dachshund and beagle, this soulful pup could stare right into your soul. Professor Knuckles and his sister were adopted by two good friends, so they still get together for puppy play dates.

Moseleys' Mutt Oasis is a nonprofit that rescues dogs from across the southwest United States and Mexico. Volunteering, fostering and donating supports boots-on-the-ground rescue efforts. Visit to learn how you can make a difference.

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